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Dr. Bill Releford has dedicated his life to improving the health and well-being of vulnerable people both domestically as well as internationally.

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This Is What People Are Saying About Dr. Releford

Dr. Releford’s presentation at the California Black Media’s Annual Summit was passionate and eye-opening. He explained very eloquently how the media can help to address health disparities particularly in the African American community. Dr. Releford is one of the few African American physicians that can articulate and frame the barriers that prevent access to care in the Black community.

Regina Brown Wilson-Director / California Black Media

“Dr. Releford’s diabetes presentation at our BHM celebration was powerful! His information was both important and relevant to the 200 plus employees who took part in the event at GEHC and I am sure struck a chord with real possibility for change for some if not all of the participants as it relates to prevention.”

Susan Gordon Barker

Dr. Releford is truly a community treasure! I was honored to have Dr. Releford on my show to discuss health, wealth building and the tools necessary to overcome adversity. Dr. Releford’s knowledge and wisdom needs to be shared with our community particularly our young African American men that face numerous obstacles and barriers to success. I would highly recommend Dr. Releford as your next guest speaker.


Wes Hall-Host / You Are The Money Radio Show Accelerated Radio Network

“Dr. Releford engaged, educated and enlightened GE Healthcare’s African American Forum with refreshing and powerful insights on health and wellness. He has an incredible ability to take brilliant medical insight and distill it down to simple, actionable ideas which are transformational for individuals, families, communities, organizations and corporations alike.” Michael Swinford, President & CEO, Global Services, GE Healthcare

Michael Swinford, President & CEO, Global Services, GE Healthcare
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