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Dr. Bill Releford To Share His Story On “You Are The Money Radio Show”


“I have always believed that every person, at some point in his or her life, should connect to what I call “Their Assignment”. What I mean by “Assignment” is the single problem you endeavor to solve to make this world a better place. Irregardless of how ominous the problem may be, or appear to be, a person’s dedicated and focused energy towards purpose is perhaps the most fulfilling experience a man or woman can encounter.

My personal “Assignment” is to bring awareness and solutions to the issue of health disparities among African Americans as well as the Diaspora. Because African Americans experience worse health outcomes when compared to other segments of our population, the socioeconomic forecast for African Americans is not so bright.

Society has been unfair to vulnerable people in this country. By continuing to blame only the individual for poor health without taking any societal responsibility for what we see across this country is irresponsible and costly not just for the poor but for every person in this country.

I’ve grown and learned from my personal challenges and mistakes. Its this growth that has cemented my resolve to continue the work of “My Assignment” to develop strategies and solutions to help those that cannot help themselves. I am “battle-tested”, resilient and ready to play my part in the war against health disparities.”

Dr. Bill Releford

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